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The British East India Company : Procurement


The British East India Company : Procurement


Modern companies are realising the importance of the procurement function as key to supporting the delivery of core business activities and increased profitability.

In some cases, a cost saving of 5% on procurement spend has the same impact on net profits as an increase in turnover of 30%.

Despite its potentiality, many companies struggle to deploy procurement functions capable of operating across their organisational framework and as a consequence fail to achieve the best purchasing power.

We help industry save time and money

As an independent, client-side advisor, The British East India Company are focused on developing the best procurement solution for your organisation and customers.

We can help you achieve the most from the procurement process by addressing all of the key elements:

Clarifying the split of responsibilities between the corporate and procurement companies, identifying the required skills and development needs of management.
Performance management
Defining and implementing appropriate performance management measures and systems.
Global Sourcing
Acting both as a sourcing specialist and as facilitator in the sourcing activities from analysis and specification to tendering and contracting.
Implementing effective processes and system support of sourcing and operational procurement, including system support for knowledge sharing, contract drafting, negotiation, e-sourcing, e-procurement and data warehousing.
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